classic full set  

120 minutes | $100

Classic Natural Set- This 1 on 1 technique is used to enhance your natural lashes by placing an individual mink lash extension on your own one at a time.  This look will still give you a natural look without any added effort.


2 weeks-$50

3 weeks-$65

4 weeks-$80

5 weeks-$95


15-20 minutes | $20

Eyelash Extensions

hybrid full set  

120 minutes | $150

Hybrid Set- A perfect mix between the two, a hybrid set is a combination of both looks giving you the desired length with added volume. With the combination of the 1 on 1 technique and volume lashes, This set is perfect for the ultimate glam experience giving you that full, fluffed look.

hybrid FILL

2 weeks-$75

3 weeks-$90

4 weeks-$105

5 weeks-$120